Seabury Capital operates a number of specialty finance, investment banking, technology and software companies with a core focus on Aviation, Aerospace & Defense, Maritime, and financial services/technology. It provides innovative cross‐border financing for trade and equipment receivables as well as insurance‐backed auto service and financial obligations. Seabury Capital, LLC, a global investment advisory firm founded in 1995 owns and operates as FINRA regulated investment banking services firm in the US and UK.

SeaVS is created to source and provide capital to partner channels for the purchase of VSC receivables. Sing For Service is the originator and servicer platform for SeaVS. Through a recent acquisition of Mepco Finance Corporation, the originator of the zero interest Payment Plan Program from Independent Bank Corporation, SeaVS is in position to offer auto extended warranty participants with customized funding solutions.


Sing For Service designs and offers customized funding solutions to Administrators to fit their auto extended warranties and products. We work together with 3rd party insurance and reinsurance companies to underwrite risks. We provide smart contracts, transparent and real time ledgers to Administrators. We design smaller and smarter advances to increase Administrator profitability and reduce risk. Our customer service is standing by to help with your customer inquiries.

Retail Dealership

Seagle Payment Solutions offers a comprehensive payment plan solution for AO and DO Dealerships at their F&I office and Service Desk for both their service contract sales as well as bundled 3-1 or 5-1 wrap products. Their zero interest payment plan solution provides Dealerships with the opportunity to increase their penetration and profitability from such products. Contracts can be immediately initiated and completed at the F&I office through a proprietary online application process which incorporates a digital signature process.

Direct To Consumer

SeaVS and Seagle Payment Solutions offer the most competitive and innovative payment plan fee structure for businesses in the direct to consumer channel. Fees are calculated based on the actual dollar amount advanced along with a pass through fee for each payment processed and are earned pro rata over the entire payment plan term. Sellers are not charged accelerated fees when a VSC is cancelled. As a long-term business plan, Sellers will be able to better manage his weekly funding requirements to optimize his profitability by only requesting an advance of what is necessary to operate his business, which will reduce the overall funding costs to him. Smaller and smarter advances also reduce Administrator and Insurer risk and enable stronger, profitable, long term call center business partners.


SeaVS's cancellation reserves for each Seller and Dealer are clearly calculated, recorded and kept on ledger by monthly blocks of business. As each block of business matures, the reserves will earn out and create residual profits in cash for Sellers and Dealers versus the current "Black Hole Reserves". Each Seller's and Dealer’s reserves are reported monthly, which will provide a real-time view of how each book of business is performing. Administrators are also provided with the same information and their overall exposure on that book of business. With this information, the Administrator can take appropriate measures to protect against risk while knowing there is an appropriate reserve set aside to satisfy the Seller's or Dealer’s financial obligations. The SeaVS program provides for transparent reporting for each client’s funding, cancellations and reserves to allow them to easily analyze and understand their financial impacts. Regular weekly, monthly and customizable reports are available to provide clients with all the necessary information and flexibility to work with Administrators and maintain active customers.


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